Mark Stolworthy - Full Stack Web Developer

Work Experience in chronological order

1983 - Programming

I wrote BBC basic versions of the Arcade Games : Pacman, Frogger and Hilo which were published and sold.

1985 - 1987 Software Developer

Planning Management Services LTD
  • I maintained software used in the planning of large projects (Mostly Construction).This was written in HP BASIC.
  • I developed and wrote a new planning package in Microsoft Basic to run on IBM XT/AT.
  • I was also involved in inputting data for the scheduling of the tasks within the projects.
Working here gave me solid understanding of how to Plan, Schedule and Run projects in the most successful way.

Skills : Scheduling, Planning, Software Design. Programming in Basic

1988-1994 Software Developer/Senior Analyst

Anglian Windows in a IT/Development team of approx 50 people

My time at Anglian set a strong foundation for my Skills.
I completed many courses including: Systems Design, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, People Management, Advanced Cobol, SSADM, Advanced Cad user, C++
  • I developed software for use by Surveyors written in Borland Pascal to run on Toshiba Portable.
  • I maintained production software written in Cobol running on an HP mini computer.
  • I maintained Optimization software written in Fortran running on a HP mini computer.
  • I developed software written in Lisp running within Autocad for conservatory design.
At the company I had a close working relationship with the users (Surveyors, Production Engineers, Factory Managers)

Skills: Business Analysing, Software Design, Systems Upgrades, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, Lisp.

1994-2011 Technical Director /Managing Director

RWM DATA MANAGEMENT. I started this with 2 other directors to create a solution for the large amount of paperwork which exists in litigation. The company processed over 100 million pages to many organisations, both private and governmental (Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Squad, Inland Revenue, CIA, IPCC, SOCA + Many police forces and Councils) The company employed over 70 people in 2007.

I designed a complete service called ALPHASCAN :
A scanning and processing system to convert paperwork to electronic version along with all software to access it. I designed front end systems to allow the images to then be used (searched, catalogued, annotated, etc). I also selected and setup all the hardware.

  • I designed and developed tiff Group 3/4 decoders in Assembler.
  • I designed and developed a full text indexing system written originally in Borland Pascal and C.
  • I designed and developed all the Database structure and software to access it.
  • With the move from DOS to Windows the Software was redesigned and rewritten in Delphi.
  • I designed and implemented nearly all the paperwork processing systems using barcodes(The Serious Fraud Office used our systems for their internal processing of paperwork)
I designed and wrote a document Archiving system:
  • This started as a cut down version of our full Alphascan system but as it became popular it evolved into a completely seperate piece of software.This was written in DELPHI.
  • I wrote an online version in 2008 in Delphi.
I also designed and wrote :
  • Timesheet System to handle exactly how we worked and incorporating a Banked hours systems.
  • A Job system so each clients requirements could be handled exactly without errors.
  • A scheduling system so jobs were automatically scheduled dependant on set parameters including Staff and Equipment Availability and Client requirements.
  • I also oversaw the implementation ISO 9001 quality assurance.
We voluntary liguidated the company in 2011 not owing any other companies any money.
The software and systems are still in use.

Skills: Full Text indexing, Business Analysing, Systems Design, Database Design, Assembler, Borland Pascal,Microsoft C, Optical Character Recognition, BarCoding, Workflow, Scheduling, People Management, Regulatory Compliance, performance monitoring.


Startup Company to provide a service to be used by Liquidators to recover money unclaimed under the rules of the Late Payment Act.

  • Along with a colleague I designed and wrote software to interrogate the accounts systems to find unpaid monies. The system would then automatically produce demand letters.
  • We used this software when RWM closed and recovered £42k.

This project was stopped when there was no agreement between the founders on how to move the company forward.

Skills: Systems Design, Delphi.

2011-2012 Director/Developer

Startup company To provide car parts via Website, Ebay, Amazon.
I designed and wrote the complete system which included
  • Vehicle lookup via registration and match for compatible parts.
  • Automatic Ebay listing and processing of Orders.
  • Automatic orders from suppliers.
  • Automatic creation of Package labels and booking of Couriers.
  • A full back end system to handle customer queries.
  • Full payment system to handle Paypal and Card Payments via Worldpay.
This was written in PHP running on a hosted server.
The company had a good start with a £25k turnover in the first month.

The company failed due to lack of funding (we really needed a lot more money than we originally envisaged for Advertising)

Skills: Systems Design,Database Design, PHP, MYSQL, CSS, Javascript, Ajax.

2012-2018 Director/Developer

Startup Company msPROMOTE. To use affiliate websites to earn money.

  • I created a number of websites (more than 50) targeting different affiliate areas.
  • I created mailing systems for subscribers to get mailing of offers.

Skills : PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, Jquery, XML Datafeeds, JSON Datafeeds, Database design and Optimization.


FX-AI - Design and develop a system to leverage the use of Neural Networks in predicting the Foreign Exchange Market.

This uses a combination of code I have written in Delphi, PHP and PYTHON.
It originally used a Neural Network implementation coded by myself in Delphi, but moving forward this has been changed to use Theano.
I have spent over 900 hours on this project and have had encouraging results, but the project still requires considerable time and effort.
The project aims are 10% return on investment per month.

I designed and wrote this website to display Great Britain Energy sources used in electricity generation.
The site gets over 2000 visitors per day.

Skills : PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, Jquery, XML Datafeeds, JSON Datafeeds, Database design and Optimization.


I have worked on many other Projects and pieces of Software.
My coding time is now over 50,000 hours.

Mark Stolworthy - Full Stack Web Developer